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Andre' Davis is the founding celebrity professional athlete who founded the 2 Live Beyond Initiative with Scott and Pamela Pyle of Myrtle Beach,SC. 

Awareness and an Avenue to make an impact one life at a time!

With poverty so overwhelming across our planet, it is easy to see how so many potential contributors feel overwhelmed at the thought of seeing poverty wiped out on our planet.  It seems to be human nature when overwhelmed by something to tune it out to stop the personal pain.  While this is very natural for personal survival it can limit us from impacting one life at a time.  Lets not tune out the needs of others because we cannot fix the world, lets fix the world for one and see what happens next. 

It may seem impossible to change the whole world, but it is absolutely possible for you to change the world for one person. 

Scott Pyle Myrtle Beach and Dr. Pamela Pyle have seen this principle at work in Rwanda with 
Africa New Life Ministry and Water for Life.

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It is not my place to raise money for these ministries, only to raise awareness of ways to see the world change for one life at a time.

We have seen many mission teams go to Rwanda and see the incredible impact Africa New Life is having on the ground in Rwanda.  

Pamela accepted a board position with Africa New Life last year and soon held a health care council meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The ministry is growing in exciting ways and God is truly leading the charge.  The government of Rwanda asked the ministry to come into a new village by the name of Bugesera.  There are now over 580 children sponsored in Bugesera and over 720 children are already attending the school there.  As you can imagine there is a need for more sponsorships in this community as well as others.  Scott Pyle Myrtle Beach

We just got back from Rwanda for 10 days this past June 2013 and I was so impressed with the amazing impact Africa New Life Ministry is having with the children as well as the community at large.  Scott Pyle Myrtle Beach would like to keep up the awareness for the need of others to come along side of organizations like Water for Life and Africa New Life.    

Pamela Prince Pyle, Pamela Pyle Myrtle Beach

The medical mission teams have an incredible impact while they are on the ground in Rwanda and we are very excited that we have been able to purchase land for the construction of a permanent clinic next to the dream center in Kigali. The thought of having a true health care system in Kigali that will be a Christ centered medical facility is truly exciting.  Pamela has been to Rwanda 7 times with Medical Mission teams and serves on the board of Africa New Life.  

Dr. John Charles, MD

Seeing the ministry first hand gave me a new respect for Pastor Charles and all that Africa New Life Ministry has achieved so far.  I thank God for his gift of introducing this ministry to me and how I can be used to serve in his kingdom with my gifts, talents and resources.  Dr. Charles just returned from his second trip to Rwanda in two years and it was a joy to watch the impact he had on so many people in so few days.

Kageyo will be at the forefront of a miraculous event as God has provided a way for this village to be a part of rice farming in the wetlands that was purchased by the ministry for the villages future farming needs.  Last time Pamela and Scott asked the people of Myrtle Beach to pray was for basic water needs for this village and now after a year and a half not only do they have clean water but they are on the way to having real economic change.

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Scott Pyle and Pamela Pyle
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